Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your maids

 You’ve asked your friends and family to be a bridesmaid. Now comes the impossible task of accommodating many personalities and body types, while keeping with your vision for your wedding day. 
On top of that, you really really really want the girls to wear the dress again…This is no easy task my friends, BUT with the right designers and styles to choose from, searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress can be easy and fun!

I love the idea of having the MOH wear a different style from the rest of the party. The fabric and colour is the same which allows for a cohesive look but it also allows your MOH to stand apart in a subtle way. Styles 5200 and 5211 are designed by Jim Hjelm and available in store!

The little black dress - both style by Lazaro

There isn't a girl that doesn't love to wear a little black dress. Choosing black as a colour for your bridesmaid dress is a great idea for many reasons. The girls will likely re-wear the dress if it's black, especially if it's super chic like the above dresses. Black is classic and timeless so it won't age or date the photographs you spent a fortune on and of course black is a neutral colour that will 'go' with a million other colours.

 Different Style, Cohesive collection

The Amsale bridesmaid dresses are amazing. The silk chiffon collection in particular is one of my favourites. I love that the bridesmaids can choose their own neckline, while the fit and style on the bottom half is the same. There isn't a body I've seen that hasn't looked amazing in these dresses. For something unique, choose different yet complimentary colours for the girls to wear. This will solve your problem of not everyone looking good in the same colour and having to choose between colours that you absolutely love anyway.

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