Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wedding Channel Couture Show

I am so excited to head to New York for the weekend of April 3-5th. The who's who of designers in the bridal industry will be there to showcase the Fall 2009 collection!
I've had the pleasure of going once right before I opened the salon in order to network and
secure my designers.

This time, I get to go as a real buyer! I'll be seeing fashion shows from all of my designers and I can't wait to see what they unveil this time around.

I'm sure most of my bridal gown designers will introduce more 'cocktail-length' bridal gowns as that trend is pretty hot right now. I also expect to see some very competitive pricing (due to the recession looming) while always maintaining the quality and luxury of the couture designs that I and so many brides have fallen in love with. As for the bridesmaid lines, I expect to see more beautiful and modern knee-length dresses.

Here's more info on the designers we carry here at the salon;

This type of trip is short and very fast paced but worth every minute.

I must confess that I hope to do a little shopping for good ol' moi!

And I know I will most definitely enjoy a couple of really nice restaurants too ;)

Ciao for now.

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